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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Chevrolet Volt - Electric Plug-in Hybrid

The Chevy Volt, due out in 2010, is an Electric Plug-in that will run entirely on electricity. One nice added feature to the Chevy Volt that was not implemented on the old Chevy EV-1 is its small on board gasoline engine that can recharge the battery without plugging it in. This added feature will insure your ability to get home and not be stuck dead in the middle of some unforeseen bumper to bumper traffic. The Chevy Volt is said to go 40 miles before the auxiliary generator is needed to charge the battery.

Not yet confirmed, but Chevy also intends to deliver the Saturn Vue Plug-in Hybrid. The Vue Plug-in won't be as revolutionary as the Volt, but it will probably cost a lot less. (The Volt is expected to cost about $40,000.) For starters, the Vue Plug-in will be an enhancement to an existing vehicle, the Vue Two-mode Hybrid that's expected to go on sale next year. As planned, the Vue Plug-in will be a parallel hybrid. That means that, like a regular Toyota Prius or Ford Escape Hybrid, it will be powered by a gasoline engine with significant assistance from electric motors Starting with a full charge, GM expects to have an electric-only range of about 10 miles. GM expects overall fuel economy twice that of any current SUV.

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