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Sunday, July 06, 2008

Police Holsters - Get the Gear

Ever wondered where you could get all the cool police uniform clothes and gear. Well, LA Police Gear has got you covered. Search from Blackhawk holsters pants to the best flashlights in the world, to vests and more. You'll find Tactical revolution holsters, training barrels, double mag pouches and even if you are at an APO or FPO address they can still ship to you. Check it out. We are talking about some serious military gear that is available on this website. What website you might ask, I am talking about You can find a great selection of Bates boots and more. More than 70% of the law enforcement professionals in North America have chosen to carry Safariland Holsters. You can even get GSA Approved shirts and pants. Don't forget about the foot wear that every body needs.

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