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Sunday, July 06, 2008

Lost power and wouldn't go faster than 50 mph.

Question: I have a 2000 Ford Mustang 6 cylinder. Twice it has lost power and wouldn't go faster than 50 mph. It then starts running correctly. It has been in two different shops and I've been told nothing is wrong. Any ideas on the problem? Already Tried: Replaced the fuel filter, ran diagnostics and no errors reported Answer: It is possible that your fuel pump may be not pumping enough pressure when it gets hot or when doing this concern. What you need to do first is get a fuel pressure reading if possible when this occurs. This will tell a lot about what is going on. If you find that the fuel pressure is low, below 30 psi and does not rise as you snap the throttle, your fuel pump is not operating properly. If it does OK, I might suggest taking it to the dealer, I know it cost a little more but they have a better scan tool to look at all pids, sensors and injectors and ect., and can see what is going on. If they can't make it do it at that time, they can install a ,what we call a flight recorder, and when the problem happens, you mash a button and it will record data and they can see what went on.

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