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Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Toyota Corolla 1999 and I have trouble to start engine

Question: I have Toyota Corolla 1999 and I have trouble to start engine. When I turn key on I listen only one click from from starter and nothing. After that I turn key on once again and the engine start normally. It is happen any time when is engine cold or hot. sometimes take me 15 min. to start engine. Battery is new and checked for load, amp.. , salesperson checked start motor - said it is OK. ( 9,5 V ) at that time car started without any problems. I checked crankshaft sensor ( Ohm ). By Haynes book it''s OK. Should I perform some another tests!? or what is problem? Answer: This is a very common problem. You are having intermittent starter issues. What happens is you get poor contact inside the starter, usually due to worn starter brushes. This causes an intermittent no start. Vehicle may click one time for 20 minutes and then start fine. You can verify this by probing the signal wire (small single wire) on the back of the starter with a test light when the vehicle is giving you this no-start problem. Probe the wire with a test light and ground the alligator clip. Now have someone turn the key and see if the test light lights up. If it lights up, but does not start, you know that you are getting signal to the starter and you are having a problem with the starter itself. (NOTE: BE CAREFUL WHEN PROBING THE SIGNAL WIRE BECAUSE THE ENGINE MAY START. YOU WILL HAVE YOUR HANDS DOWN IN THE ENGINE COMPARTMENT!! REMEMBER THAT THIS IS AN INTERMITTEN ISSUE, SO EVEN IF IT DOES NOT START 100 TIMES IN A ROW, IT MIGHT START THE NEXT TIME. PLEASE BE SURE THAT YOUR HANDS/BODY IS CLEAR OF ANY MOVING PARTS IN CASE THE ENGINE STARTS.) The brushes are held by the brush holder (#5 in diagram). You can take the starter apart, but I would recommend replacing the starter if you are not a skilled technician.


  1. i have a rumbling noise in the front of my 1999 toyota camary . there is no leak or smell just a rumbling sound like a racw car. this is one of the best cars we have ever had and i have over 130 k on it.but how can we fix the rumbling problem???

  2. The most common cause for a rumbling noise on this vehicle is due to an exhaust leak. The leak may be difficult to find as they mostly occur at the flex pipe portion of the exhaust. The flex pipe is covered with a wire mess that keeps you from being able to see the portion that is leaking and sometimes from even feeling it. Have a shop put it on a rack and inspect this area.