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Sunday, August 31, 2008

2004 Scion XB - air conditioner it does not cool down on the inside like it has

I have a 2004 Scion XB, the problem that I just started experiencing in is that when I am running the air conditioner it does not cool down on the inside like it has in the past. This vehicle has been in an accident that had front end damage. could the accident have something do with the air conditioning not get as cold as it has in the past. Also the a/c unit has not been charged for 4 yrs or better yet since the scion was bought.
More than likely it just needs to have the freon level topped off. Newer cars have tighter tolerances due to less freon being installed at the manufacturer. Have the freon topped off and all should be well once more. There is the possibility the condenser has been damaged and has a very slow leak.


  1. I have the same problem. Top it off with the UV leak detector. You will need a UV flash light to check for the leaks. I changed all my O rings, and now I found a leak at one of the plastic locks on the AC line. NOTE: I might not be using the right mechanic lingo. Right now, I am searching on how to open those plastic lock cover to see if there are O rings ,to replace, since it is leaking from there.

  2. The problem that you had faced, my dad also faced the same problem. My dad have filled it with refrigerant, and as the condenser is leaking out some the refrigerant, so the pressure in it is is high enough to maintain its temperature. And he first check for the leaks in the condenser, there he found damages. Apart from that I think there may be some other problem due to this air conditioner is not working. So fault in the car's air conditioner should be checked properly and maintained as needed.