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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Jaguar convertible with dead battery. Can't get trunk open.

1997 Jaguar convertible with dead battery. Can't get trunk open. How do I charge the battery? The battery(which is dead) is in the trunk not under the hood. There is no key slot in the trunk and the remote won't work. It is a Jaguar 1997 XK8 convertible.
Pop the hood, and connect a battery charger to the vehicle. There are cables that attach to the battery and run to the engine compartment and they connect to a terminal that will have a red cover over it. There should be a red plastic cover off to the side, pull off the cover and connect the positive terminal here. and connect the negative terminal to an all metal portion of the engine. Let it charge for at least 15 minutes and then you should be able to open the trunk. This procedure is also listed in your owners manual that is usually located in the glove box.


  1. You can open the trunk on a Jaguar XK8 or XKR even with a dead battery. There is a place to insert your key between the X & the K in the logo next to the trunk lid. XK manuals are online at

    A picture can be found in Chapter 2, Security, of the Driver's Handbook.

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  3. how do you change a three wire trunk latch terminal to a four wire trunk latch terminal

  4. Question:
    I have Jaguar 2003,S-type,V-8, and the key stopped at "I" and it does not turning to "0" so I couldn't remove the key. If I start the engin, it runs and drives but, I can not pull the key out when I stop, so I droved around the circle try to turn key to 0 no success.What should I do?

  5. I wished for someone to reply back my problem with 2003, S-Type, V-8 but, no one posted to help. Now I'm gladly posting that my Jaguar problem has been solved. My earlier post was I can't remove my key from the ignition switch. I have no choice but to leave the key over the night. This morring I found the the car did not budged to start but release key smothly. I was upset and studied all moring driver's hand book and 4-41 stated that leaving the key in the ignition "I or II" will discharge the battery, and also my husband I checked possiable fuses blow out; after we have checked fuses were okay we jumped battery. Now my car is running just fine as usual and removed key smoothly. We like our Jaguar and I'm very happy to informing that problem has solved without any cost.

  6. my wifes '96 vanden plas would not start after a hair appointment. the doors were locked & trunk was unlatched. tried jumping & then charging the battery. found 1 of the 90 fuses blown.(15a CDL.dead locking)still no luck.all control lights come on with key but no wiper,door light,key in ing.tone,turn signals,or click for starting solinoid? could there be a bad module? how do u check them?

  7. Jaguar Lover10/23/2010 4:26 PM

    2003 XK8 access to trunk. You can open trunk by inserting regular key into the Jaguar crome badge that says "4.2"(on the trunk.) Look closely. Right side of trunk. There is a key whole in it. After much searching for a way to open the trunk, I had success. Mine is charging as I write this. How can opening a trunk generate this much consternation? Beautiful car. English eccentricities.

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