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Monday, September 01, 2008

I want to change Air Fuel ratio on my 1996 4.6L SFI SOHC engine, How??

Firestorm Spark Plug
Question: I want to change Air Fuel ratio on my 1996 4.6L SFI SOHC engine, How?? I want to use a new spark plug (plazma) that is supposed to give me no emissions and i have to change the air fuel ratio from 14:7 to 30:1 for the plugs to work. Answer: I see a couple of ways. 1) you can install an aftermarket chip/module: computer chip or Module that has been re-calibrated to what you want. This can be done at a dyno shop also. 2) install a stand alone fuel management system that will allow you to change it anyway you want (expensive). If these new plugs did what they say they can do you would think all the car companies that are struggling to sell cars would be jumping all over the idea.... but they are not???? I reality you do not need a new a new spark plug in order to change you fuel ratio. Changing your fuel ratio does get you better fuel mileage but at the cost of poor performance such as sluggish acceleration and less pulling power. reference:

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  1. you can control the air fuel mixture in most fuel injection engines buy adding a small voltage to the oxygen sensor output, or your mass air flow sensor even the map sensor voltage but the 02 is your best bet. i design electrolizers making hydroxy gas from water and im supplenting gas in my explorer with the hho im producing and leaning the air fuel ratio by making the computer think its running to rich by adding .2 volts to the 02 sensor output wich i can vary while im driving. currently im getting 38 miles per gallon highway and a average 22 in the city and with no sacrifice of power 4.6 liter 2005. if you would like any info on my projects and how to do this for yourself feel fre to email me