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Friday, September 26, 2008

Which Online Repair Manual is Better, Mitchell or Alldata?

It is cheaper to fix the old one than to buy a new one. But with today's cars you need detailed information and wiring schematics in order to repair your Car, Truck or SUV. In other words, you need an Online Auto Repair Manual. We can all agree on that part of it. Both Online Auto Repair Manuals , Mitchell and Alldata, stand to be great sources of information for car repair procedures, wiring diagrams, torque specifications, belt installations, Service bulletins and more. One major difference is the price. Both cover 1983-2012.
  1. Mitchell : minimum purchase is $9.99
  2. Alldata : minimum purchase is $12.95 if you use coupon code 1MOTR2587

If you have an older car you can purchase a Vintage Manual DVD from Mitchell that covers 1960-1982

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