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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I have a 89 ford escort that has been setting for 10 years.

Question: I have a 89 ford escort that has been setting for 10 years. want to get it going again but am having brake problems. Replaced brake booster. both rear wheel cylinders and shoes, both front calipers, master cylinder and cleaned the lines and I still don't have good brakes. I have to stand hard on the brake pedal to stop but it will not stop as fast as it should. Could it be the brake pressure control valves locates on the bottom of the master cylinder or is it something else. It just doesn't stop like it should in case of need to. Answer: Below is are quick diagnostic steps for hard brake pedal. You have done most everything but we need to take it a step further. Either the new booster is bad(it happens) or you do not have sufficient vacuum at the booster most likely caused by an engine vacuum leak. Since the car has been setting for some time it is more than possible for there to be cracked hoses, etc that are creating a vacuum leak. A higher idle than normal is a classic description of a vacuum leak. Brake pedal feel is firm, but brakes lack sufficient stopping power or fade 1) Check the operation of the brake booster and brake booster check valve. Replace worn or failed parts. 2) Check brake linings and brake surface areas for glazing and replace worn or damaged parts. 3) Check for seized hydraulic parts and linkages, and clean or replace as needed.

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