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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

1996 Chrysler Sebring the key is stuck in the ignition

Question: I only had 1 key to my 1996 Chrysler sebring, so about a month ago I went to a local locksmith and they made me a copy of the original key. I am not for sure, but I am guessing that my original key has a chip in it because it is a factory or dealership key w/ black top. My sebring is equipped with the anti-theft system, of which when I purchased the car used, I did not receive the key-less remote to. Anyways, my question or problem is this: I have been using the copy key for the entire month with no problems until a week ago...the key is stuck in the ignition on acc. and will NOT turn all the way to lock so I can get it out! It is STUCK and WILL NOT COME OUT!!!! What could be causing this and how do I get it out? Is it because it isn't the chip key and if so how could I use it before now without any issues? HELP!!!! ANSWER: Any Chrysler's keys with a black top do not have a chip, they are usual blank keys. Keys with a chip ( transponder) have a gray top, like this one: Your anti-theft system contains the switches that are located inside the front doors and when you turn your door lock cylinder ( driver or passenger) a switch send an ON or OFF signal to the Body controller. Your problem with the stuck key is only mechanical failure of the ignition lock cylinder. There is nothing related to a "chip" technology. You should replace the ignition lock cylinder.

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