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Sunday, March 15, 2009

2001 Mercury Sable. Need Rear Coil Springs Replaced?

2001 Mercury Sable. Need Rear Coil Springs Replaced? But they also said something about a "quick strut?"? Ford only had recall on front springs, which is funny cause i took it in for recall and then had to take it back in to replace the recall springs.
A Quick Strut is a complete assembly. It includes a new Strut, New Coil Spring, New Mounting components. If you just replace the coils then you are left with the original strut, which is most likely worn. And in most cases you can have a quick strut installed for the same cost as just installing new coil springs as the labor time is less on the Quick Strut.


  1. I intend to install new Quick Struts as well on the rear of my 2001 Mercury Sable. How do I jack up the rear so that both rear tires are off the ground? I know where the two rear valid lift points are, and those are the two points I intend to place my jack stands. But where do I place my hydraulic floor jack to lift the rear end if those two valid lift points will be taken by the jack stands?

  2. You can lift he car by the bottom of the strut, one side at a time, and place your jack stand and then lower the jack. Once you remove the upper strut mount nuts, you will want the jack under the bottom of the strut anyway to help lower it down.