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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

first the check engine light comes on occasionally and then goes off

1999 Jeep Cherokee
I got a new(ish) Jeep over the weekend, previous owner beat the snot out of it and now I'm fixing a lot of small problems, got the list down to a few now, first the check engine light comes on occasionally and then goes off for awhile, I tried the flipping of the key and that didn't show any codes or anything then found the trip odometer trick for the newer jeeps and it didn't give any either so then I took it to the parts store and used their scanner and found p0505 and p0743. I found the p0505 is idle air control? and p0743 has something to do with the torque converter? any help with the next step would be appreciated!!! its a 1999 Jeep Cherokee classic(not grand) 4.0 auto 4wd with 225k on it... it was towed behind a motor home so who knows how many miles are really on it Response: How does the Jeep seem to run other than the codes? For example, does the idle seem normal? Does it do anything unusual, especially when the light is coming on?

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  1. There are two components associated with the idle air control... You should be able to replace both of these... for around 100.00 They get a horrible carbon build up so you need to take off the fuel injection house and clean the inside with Gummout or similar cleaner, then replace both components and you should be good to go