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Monday, March 30, 2009

I am unable to turn the immobiliser off

I have a Hyundai coupe w reg. It has a factory fitted immobiliser. I am unable to turn the immobiliser off, I can open the car with the keys, but when I try the ignition it is dead, nothing works, there are no lights when you open the door, everything is immobilized, how can I turn the immobiliser off so I can use the car, and take it to a garage.
The immobiliser is integral with the cars ECU, and therefore cannot be switched off, it will need to be diagnosed and either repaired or reprogrammed using a JOBD diagnostic system, that has suitable software. Most good auto electrical engineers should have the correct equipment, and some of them also work mobile, so they may be able to get you up and running without you having to take it to them.

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