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Saturday, March 21, 2009

My Electric Power Seats are not working?

Power Seat Wiring Diagram
The power motor that operates the up down motion on the front of the passenger seat is not functioning on my 2000 Silverado. IS this common and what are my options? Answer: The seat motors can bind up if run all the way up or down. First check for a blown fuse. It is easy enough to turn the drive with pliers to free it up. If it doesn't turn it is bound. Remove the motor and try to turn it again. If it still doesn't turn then the seat base will need replaced. If it does turn plug the motor in and test it to see if it runs. If the motor does run it may be week from a bad armature or worn brushes. If the motor doesn't run check for power and ground at the motor connector. If it has power and ground the motor is no good. If it doesn't have power and ground The module is probably no good. Verify power and ground at the module before you condemn it.


  1. saab 95 passenger seat back of seat -only righthalf of seat responds left side locked up. Seat twists. please advise

  2. internal linkage damage, removal and diassembly will be required to determine exact parts needed.