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Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Auto Repair Made Simple - Basic Diagnostic Techniques

1. Start off by determining what it is you need to repair Noise : what does it sound like to you and where is it coming from Electrical : Something electrical has quit working (ex. Windows, lights, radio) Light on Dash : Check engine light, brake light, low coolant light, battery light No Start : just clicks, cranks over but won't start, no dash lights, repeated clicks No Power : when you press the gas the engine revs high but won't move or slow Brakes : The car doesn't seem to stop as normal, brake pedal feels spongy Air Conditioning : Blows hot, doesn't blow at all, blows cold out one side only Tires : Flat tire, worn uneven, alignment, leaking air slowly Parts : where can i get auto repair parts online for my car or truck Smell : Sweet smell, fuel smell, burning smell, rotten egg smell 2. Now that you have figured out what the issue is you need to repair, you can MORE Auto Repair Resources No Start Diagnostic Chart Alternator Repair and Testing Engine Overheating Diagnostics Engine Control Sensor Testing Electrical Wiring Problems Electrical Testing With a Multi-meter Air Conditioning Troubleshooting Brake Repair Diagnostics and Repair Check Engine Light Trouble Codes Checking Your Fluid Levels Fuel System Diagnostics

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