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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Starter finally went out. Got the dreaded click when ignition key turned

I have a 1996 Chevy suburban. Starter finally went out. Got the dreaded click when ignition key turned. New starter put in with no problems. Connected the positive lead then when I went to connect the negative lead it sparks and you hear the starter try to engage. no key in the ignition switch. Stater checked out fine again after I took it back to have it checked. pulled the starter relay and it still did the same thing. any ideas?
You've got wires crossed, on wrong posts, or touching. the main wire on the starter cannot touch the smaller wires on the solenoid.


  1. My 98 chevy silverado 100,000 miles finally didnt start it clicked once evertime we turn the key. We put a new battery in and a new starter. The starter checked out ok at the shop. We cleaned the battery terminals ran a wire from possitive down to the starter no luck. What is going on.

  2. Usually one hard click(with dash lights staying on cause if they don't it means a bad battery connection) means a bad starter. If you have a good ground to the engine/starter and apply power directly to it, then most likely the new starter is bad... it happens. If you are using the same old starter..chuck it and put in a new one, even if local autozone says its good...cause it ain't!!!