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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Should I buy the New Chevy Volt?

Lets take a minute to see what the pros and cons are along with some common sense thinking. OK, so you are in the market to buy a new car. That's wonderful that the Media Scare on the economy hasn't worked on you. So lets use some numbers and base it on lets say MONEY!
The New Chevy Volt, 230 mpg, an Electric Plug-in that has a gasoline assist engine to charge the batteries on the go is said to Sticker Price at around $40,000.00 WOW!!!! and for arguments sake lets pick a lessor expensive New Car, will pick the Ford Focus that gets 35 mpg and Stickers around $15,000.
Lets say you spend $20.00 a week driving the New Ford Focus and $2.80 a week (electricity costs money too). It costs you $1040.00 a year in gas to drive the New Focus and $145.60 a year to Drive the New Volt.
Now lets do a little math. $40k - $15k = $25K ... hmmm $25k /$1040.00 per year = 24 years worth of gas.
So you would have to drive the New Chevy Volt 24 years in order to make up the difference of money you spent, not to mention that no one knows how long the Volt will last maintenance wise.
Now you might say , oh I am helping the environment! Did you know that electricity that is made by burning fossil fuels is pretty much the same thing??? So I am gonna have to say if you want to buy an electric hot-rod that is kinda cool looking, great get you a Chevy Volt and be happy but Don't think it is gonna help the environment or your wallet.

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