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Monday, November 09, 2009

1992 Chevy G20 Van won't restart after it gets to operating temperature

My van starts fine, drive it about 10 miles and the  check engine light comes on. After I shut it off, it takes forever to start again. I have already replaced fuel filter, fuel pump relay, and throttle body sensor. What else can it be? I'm tired of throwing parts at it.

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  1. if its anything like my camaro with a 350 in it i could just be your timeing is off a little bit because if its to slow it wont want to start and if its to fast it wont want to start because you get pre ignition which causes it to want to actualy push the motor backwards. with out acually being thier i cant really say for sure but i would give it a shot. throw a timeing light on it and see wear it is at. and check back with me on my page

  2. i have a 1988 chevy van g20. im not getin any fuel. the fuel pump is not kicking on. i have replaced the pump, relay, filter. still nothing. i heard some one saying thayer is a fuel fues by the relay under the hood. is this true. if so what is it called. i have a open plug by the fuel relay under the hood so im thinking this may have something to do with it.

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