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Thursday, November 05, 2009

How do i get to the spark plugs on my 1996 Buick Century 3.1 Engine

How do I roll the engine forward to acess the back spark plugs? It has one brace on front, I took it off and tried to roll the moter with a pry bar. Didnt budge. Do i need to jack the car? Something else I need to remove? Would appregiate any ideas. Thanks


The easy way is to start the car and SLOWLY move. Have a second person use a heavy duty muffler clamp u bolt through where the dog bone connects. Then shut off the engine the backside is raised so you can axcess the 3 spark plugs.


There is a special tool you can borrow for free from autozone that connect where the dog bone is and you put car in neutral ans just tighten up the center bolt pulling the engine forward in a safe manner.

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