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Saturday, December 12, 2009

1996 Saturn-Starting Problem

I have a 1996 Saturn SL1 and suddenly it won't start. It is low on gas so, my first thought was that with the severe cold yesterday had caused gasline freeze. The odd thing though, is that it isn't turning over. I put some gas line antifreeze in it and let it sit. It hasn't started yet but, I haven't tried it yet today. It has a new battery etc. Everything works. he radio, the blower, the lights all have plenty of power so, any ideas as to why it isn't attempting to turn over?

Thank you for any suggestions you may have!
Response: it seems to be an electrical problem. Before you do anything else make sure the blinkers work at normal pace, sometimes lights and all other electrical equipment work with a low battery, not the blinkers. Also, if the battery is not delivering sufficient power to crank the engine you should hear a ‘clicking’ noise, which is a sure sign of insufficient crank power and the battery needs to be charged and the posts cleaned and make sure they are tight.

Often, when the battery is new and fully charged the battery posts are no tight enough, or have enough corrosion –which is not always visible- to prevent from sending sufficient power to the starter. If this is the case, simply cleaning and retightening of the posts is enough to solve the problem.

If you have plenty of power and none of the above symptoms are present, the most likely alternative is a possible loose connection in the starter system.

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