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Wednesday, December 02, 2009

auto dealer said that they would fix anything wrong with it.

I just bought a 2002 Saturn L300 in July and the auto dealer said that they would fix anything wrong with it. My Problem is that when I am getting onto the highway it don't want to shift into 2nd gear. I cant check the trans fluid so I am not sure if it's low or that it may be in the trans it's self. I am supposed to take my car back Thursday and I would like someone else opinion and not just the repair shops opinion saying I drive my car like a race car. The place I bought it from in Lansing (RPM) said that they would fix what ever is wrong but when I took my car back to them they are giving me the runaround and I took the mechanic for a ride to show him what it was doing I took my car onto the highway when It gets to 2nd gear it just starts winding out till I let off the gas. The Mechanic says I drove it like a race car. I have had a few cars and worked on most of them and I have never had a car do this so I knew it was something wrong. It has a sealed trans and no dipstick and I don't have a hoist to lift it up. You have to lift it up on a hoist to check it.

Response 1) If this is an automatic transmission, it could be as simple as a VSS (vehicle speed sensor) or a failed shift solenoid. Neither are too expensive part wise so I wouldn't think the dealer would give you much guff over it. Besides, a deal is a deal and they said thy would fix it....... no worries.

Response 2) 1. Why can't you check the trans fluid?

2. Perhaps your Prndl is off

I drive an old Dodge Dakota and the prndl is off by one step. Drive is in neutral, 2 is drive etc. The little floss sized string has stretched over the years.

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