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Sunday, December 06, 2009

Has anyone put snow tires on a minivan?

We're considering snow tires for my Honda Odyssey, but wondering if it's worth it. The minivan just seems to need more grip even though we have all-weather tires on there now. Depending on any bells and whistles we get it will cost from $650 to $1,100 with installation - yikes! We've been told it's best to get wheels *and* tires, since it makes changing them not as expensive each time it's done.

I understand you can get two, maybe three, years out of them, but I haven't had this verified. And when you're not using them is it okay to store them in the garage? Or will they deteriorate there with the heat of summer?

Please chime in if you have experience with snow tires (cost, durability, handling, tire brand, etc), especially if you have an Odyssey.

What part of the country do you live in? How much snow do you get in an average winter? Is your car front or rear wheel drive? I'm near Detroit and the last time I had snow tires was 1961, and will never use them again. Tires will age, and most mfrs will advise between 6-10 years. The are starting to put expiration date. on the now instead of the date they were made.

I haven't heard much about putting snow tires on the front of minivans but it would give you more traction in the snow and mud. But it may affect the handling and stopping of the van. Buying new rims for the tires is the way to go. That would save the cost of remounting them each year. Seems like a regular set of snow tires should work without having to special order some.

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  1. If this trick is helpful in driving the vehicle in snowy region, will also change my van's tyres.

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