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Tuesday, December 08, 2009

it may act up where it will just not start

We have a problem with our 1995 Oldsmobile Silhouette.And the problem we are having with it is one day it will run good, and the another day it may act up where it will just not start or you can be going down the road and it will stop running. can not figure it out. Like the other night we were coming back from getting arrons( sp?)done and we were at the stop light and it stops on us and we pushed it out of the road. let it sit a good 45 min. then it started up and we went another maybe a block and it stopped again. We had to have it towed home. It then sat here at home for a good 2-3 hr. and my son went to get his dad and it started up and (knock on wood) hasn't acted up so far sents friday night.What could we do for it?

My first suggestion is to check the fuel filter if the car cranks but will not start, or it just stops running. If the filter is not completely clogged yet and some debris are floating and settle, etc. this is a possibility. Another is a cracked coil cover or coil wire which tend to act up in wet weather.

Fuse box connectors, or any connector likely has a bad connection. The

connector will be discolored and the insulation will show signs of

overheating. IOW look at the wire side of the connector/fuse box.

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