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Monday, January 11, 2010

95 Chevy G 20 keeps blowing multiable fuses...

My blinkers were working then I had to do them manually and then they started working again then I smelled smoke and they quit altogether. I also lost my brake lights too at the same time. I changed the bulbs and that didn't work, I took it to muffler man and he said I had multiable fuses blown, but didn't know what had caused it to do that. Muffler man changed the fuses and when I picked up the van, I drove for about 30 minutes and they all blew again. Also I have a small hole in the radiator up at the very top side by the corner, can I use a sealant to fix it or do I have to replace it? it's not leaking enough to even hit the ground, but you can see where it's coming fromby the bubbling it does. So I was hoping maybe someone out there may know something about this problem. Thanks a bunch

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