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Monday, January 18, 2010

Window stuck down on my 1997 Lincoln Town Car

a cable to the window regulator in the driver's side door broke and the window is all the way down. Have taken off the door panel to try to push the window up, however it is stuck. How can I release the window to hold it up while the new regulator arrives?

I'm ASSUMING that you are referring to the nylon track itself being broken. There are 2 10mm nuts on the bottom of the glass that hold the window to the track. Unbolt and slide the window up and use a piece of rope on the inside of the window to control it up and down until you get the track. You can tie off 1 end to the door closer strap to keep the window up and still use the door.


  1. Thermostat is stuck open, not allowing engine to reach operating temp.

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