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Thursday, February 25, 2010

1996 lincoln town car (help)

well the car has 118 thou on it. The rear end air bags where replaced with springs and struts but the check air suspension light stays on, washer fluid light came on and shorty after every once in a while a buzzing noise comes from under the dash. some where usually when i let off the gas peddle.  i was thinking it was becouse i needed to replace the washer fluid so i did and it stopped but outta the blue a couple hours later its doing it again and honestly its driving me crazy.  Any advice would be great. annoying ringing sound coming from under the dash sounds like a ringing the ear but louder, goes away when i accelerate this is driving nuts please help...

1) Sounds like a relay. Find it while it's making the noise and you will find a part nimber on it. Go to your local parts store and have them cross reference it or go to the dealership to find out what it controls.

2) What you are describing sounds like a vacuum leak. Check your heater control harness where it cinnects.


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  2. turn off your air suspension switch in the trunk. it's probably the pump trying to work. I had the same thing and that took care of it for me.

  3. cruise light comes on after hitting the on button and accel, but does not connect. Light goes off via cruise or off button..any clues?