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Saturday, February 27, 2010

When cold, starts easily and immediately dies

1988 T'Bird, 3.8L. When cold, starts easily and immediately dies. Repeat 4 or 5 times, stays running but very rough idle. Wild (1-2000 RPM) fluctuations. Put it in gear, stalls. Repeat until finally under way. engine missing dramatically accompanied by wild fluctuations in RPMs. Top speed of maybe 50-55 MPH. Stop at red light, low swing of RPM fluctuation- dies. Starts right up, shift into neutral, feather the gas pedal to keep it running, light turns green drop into gear and sputter away. Problem came on rather suddenly. So far I have replaced dist cap and rotor and added injector cleaner to gas to no avail. Plugs and wires are suspect but it ran sweet right up 'til now.

The first step is to extract any check engine light codes. This can be done free and here is how to do it: Ford Trouble Codes

Once you have the codes, it may guide you to your issue. There are many things that can make this problem happen. A failing MAF Sensor, Vacuum leak, If you notice smoke.. an injector could be stuck open and giving the o2sensors false readings... the good news is that it restarts..... 

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