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Sunday, March 21, 2010

'96 Tahoe DRL

My '96 Tahoe Daytime Running Lights quit. The indicator lamp on the dash is on and goes out when I press the parking brake and comes back on when I release it.

The headlight work and the manual says the DRL uses the headlights at a reduced level.
I checked the fuse to the DRL relay and it's OK. Can't find the relay though. The manual shows the fuses and relays for other things but not the DRL relay.

Anyone have a suggestion ?


Pushing on the parking brake is supposed to shut off the DRL, so you don't have to sit with your lights on when you are parked with the motor running as in winter (heat) or summer (a/c). I've had the DRL go out on my '99 Savana only to return later. I'm usually unaware if they're working or not because it's daytime and I'm not a big fan of DRL except on motorcycles where I believe they're necessary.

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  1. My heat won't work. Ive changed everything that has to do with the coolant on the car. I changed the radiator thermostat ,controls and the heater core. Whats the problem