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Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Air Conditioning 2002 Dodge Durango nothing coming out of dash vents

Air worked fine when it first got hot out this year. Now it only works in the back and the defrost part of dash. Nothing comes out of other dash vents. Any ideas what problem is?

1) Got Kids? If so, they more than likely dropped something in 1 of the side vents.
2)in some cases if the system is low on refrigerant, the system will ice up blocking some of the vents. try topping off the system with a little more refrigerant

3) Most likely a failed vent/mode door actuator has failed. The Air Conditioning System itself is fine or it wouldn't blow cold at all. The Blower motor is fine or it wouldn't blow air. So the only thing left is the door is jammed or the electrical actuator that moves the "mode" door from vent/dash/floor.


  1. Does the door or actuator explain sporadic failure (30 min OK; 30 min no cool) even on a long drive (5 hours)?

  2. No. its either low on freon or relay may be sticking.
    you can check your mode door for operation by moving it to HOT and see if it changes to HOT and then back to COLD and see if it gets cooler.(not nessasarily COLD) but this will let you know if the door is working.