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Friday, June 04, 2010

Jeep Liberty rear end trouble

Have you heard of blowing your rear end due to driving with a different tire. I had put my spare tire on 3 days earlier due to a flat that could not be repaired, the spare was an all season, other 3 are mud and snow. The wheel base was the same, just 1.5 inches difference to wear and tare on tires and different type. (I was waiting for a replacement tire that was on order.) The mechanic at chrysler is telling me this is the reason the back end went. (Too top it off, my mileage is at 102,000 and the warranty was to 100,000.)

Now that i have my new tire, the mechanic says it is still 1/2 larger and the other tires should be replaced . Is it possible to blow the rear end again?…or is the mechanic covering his warranty by telling me this is the cause of the rear diff major damage…r/r complete assembly Replaced.

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