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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Is this the right time to buy a car?

There are many different factors when it comes to making the decision of when is the right time to buy a car. Probably the most important factor would be necessity. If you need a car and either do not have one or the one you have isn't worth fixing, Now is the perfect time to buy a car.
Many buyers may need to wait to see if their job is secure before running out and buying that new convertible that they have been wanting, but all the financial aspects aside, this is a buyers market. Car manufacturers are offering great incentive along with some of the best quality of cars we've seen in years. And with dealers being closed left and right by manufacturers, they are more willing to sell first and haggle on price later. What I mean by this is this, The dealers HAVE to sell a certain amount of cars in order to remain in good standing with the manufacturer and ultimately keeping their doors open. So the dealer more worried about the volume of cars they sell and less about maximizing the profit on each unit/car.

So if you need or want a new or used car, now is a great time to purchase a car. Know what you want and what you want to pay before you go and odds are, you get it.
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