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Monday, September 27, 2010

Home of the Free Alignment just a myth?

If you live in the US and ever listen to the radio you can't help but hear one of the great commercial going on and on about a free alignment with the purchase of new tires. So we want to clear the air about this free alignment business.

1) they do provide an alignment if you purchase 4 New Tires (PAY the operative word) the price is built in dummy!!

2) Did you wreck your car or have front end work done recently that requires an alignment? Probably not, so you do not need an alignment. Now you are paying more for your tire than you need to so you can get an alignment you don't need. Smart on the advertisers part. Most people do not know that they do not need an alignment.

3) Well my car is pulling? Again, if you didn"t wreck it... you just need tires replaced and no need for over priced tires to get an alignment.

How much do they charge for an alignment without purchasing tires? $69.95. So divide that by 4 and that's about $17.50 per tire. Could you buy tires for $17.50 a tire less. YES, so I am going to have to say that you are not getting a FREE Alignment. Don't let shifty advertising convince you otherwise. Stay alert when dealing with Big Brand Tire Stores.

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  1. I'm in the market for new tires. Where can I get new tires for $17.50 each?