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Thursday, October 07, 2010

Coolant Leak in 2001 Sunfire

Hello! HELP PLEASE!!!!! I have a 2001 Sunfire and my coolant keeps leaking out, I put some Coolant in it yesterday in Michigan City Indiana, and got home and the low coolant light came back on. Anyone, have an ideal what the problem could be? Im praying its not a big issue, so any help will be greatly appreaciated..

1) Check your hoses for a leak if that don't get it maybe you have a small crack in your radiator

2) Check for leaks under the car. Could be caused by a hose leak, bad water pump or radiator. If you don't see any leaks check your oil dipstick, if it is a milky or gray shade it could be a cracked head or head gasket which is bad. The milky or gray shade means the coolant is leaking into your engine and mixing with the oil.

3) I used "Bars stop leak" on mine last year around this time. Worked like a charm, haven't had a problem since. I drive a 1993 Saturn SC2.

4) take it to any auto shop and ask if they can give it a presure test, it should cost little or nothing

5) Google "Dexcool". Thats the red coolant that GM started using around 95 or 96. After reading the horror stories, decide if you still want to keep the car. This stuff will eat gaskets and metal engine parts to the point where you will eventually have to replace the engine. A friend with a late 90's Caddy spent 2 grand to replace the heads, and a month later 5 grand for a new engine. The car was only two years old. Another friend with 2 Chevy vans, a 96 and an 02 spent 800 bux to have the cooling systems 'super flushed' and an intake gasket on the 96 replaced. A month later he blew the engine on the 96. I checked the oil level and it was 4 inches past full. The coolant leaked into the oil pan. A month later he had to replace the lifters on the 02. Don't remember the cost on that one.

I just ain't worth it.

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