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Monday, October 25, 2010

New Honda CRZ, is it worth it?

The New Honda CRZ is a completely new designed econo-sport 2 seater. Looks awesome, drives awesome, lots of new technology and well.... I think a bit over priced for what your getting($19,200). You can buy a new Honda Civic for less money($15,800) and it gets only a few miles per gallon less than the CRZ(26 CITY 34 HWY). Don't forget the civic can carry 4 passengers as well. Oh, I hear ya, what about the whole Go Green issue? Well, I can think of keeping more of the Green in my pocket for starters. You may burn slightly less fuel per gallon(a difference of a few gallons on hwy only.35 CITY 39 HWY) but now you have to burn coal as well to charge the battery. Hmmmm doesn't sound very Green at all to me. But if your just going for the latest and greatest Wow factor. The New Honda CRZ is a great option for all. For myself, I'm a bit disappointed in Honda for building a hybrid car thats no more advanced in the fuel mileage area than it is. In part its my own fault for having such high expectations for an extrordinary car company.

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