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Thursday, November 04, 2010

1998 Mercury Tracer Questionable Service?

Had my son’s car towed to the shop on Friday because it stalled on him twice. On his check up sheet in August 2010, the only thing needing attention was his serpentine belt; everything else was green.

After they checked the vehicle, they reported that the timing belt needed to be changed. Some other things they noted was the front brakes and the rotors needed to be changed, transmission flushed, new spark plugs. Is it possible for all this to go wrong in the space of two months?

1998 Mercury Tracer, 4 cylinder automatic


As for the tune up, transmission flush may just be time for this on the scheduled maintenance and in the long run, this will not hurt the vehicle. You can however put these to items off for another time.

As for the brakes, being a safety issue I would tend to be a bit concerned here. If you are having trouble stopping or hear grinding….you may want to have this taken care of.

If the brakes seem fine to you, you can say “NO” and bring it back when they do start to cause you an issue.

Some shops feel obligated to Continue.....

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