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Thursday, December 02, 2010

Preparing Your Vehicle For a Long Trip this Winter

Personally, I prefer to get to my destination; instead of siting on the side of the road waiting for the tow truck. Preparing your car for the trip is simple. This article is intended to briefly educate on how simple checks will keep you moving forward. Read on.
Automobiles are my specialty. I repair and service an average of one to five a day, with a comeback rate of 2%. Only 2 out of 100 vehicles return to me because of my mistake or a part failure. I take pride in educating auto owners about the importance of a reliable automobile. In order to prepare yourself for a successful commute on a long trip use a basic check list.

- Check the oil, you should check the oil on your car or truck once a week, but absolutely check it before a long drive.

- Check the tires, automotive tires will loose air over time. This can result in a major problem on the road, like a blow-out. Tires will malfunction if not inflated properly.

- Check the coolant, overheating can be damaging to the vehicles engine resulting in roadside assistance.

- Inspect the belts & hoses, a belt braking can cause a number of things; including battery charging and power steering malfunction.
In summary, I have briefly explained some basic checks on your car that should be performed, before a long trip. Make sure to consult a qualified auto service mechanic for further assistance. The auto mechanic should be able to assist you with other procedures that are necessary to make your automobile road worthy. Keep your ride off of the hook and have a save trip.

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