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Friday, February 11, 2011

To Create Biodiesel Or To Procure Biodiesel This is The Only Question

You can purchase biofuel to run in any diesel engine without adjustments or conversion of the fuel system. There are thousands of biodiesel fill up stations in Europe and the USA and their numbers increase every year. Some countries even mix their petroleum diesel fuels with a small percentage of biodiesel.

So why in the world would you ever think about making your own biodiesel fuel?

Quite frankly, it’s much cheaper! If you want to start using renewable bio-fuels to run your diesel engine automobiles currently you have choices.

By modifying your diesel powered vehicle you could use virgin vegetable oils for fuel like Rudolf Diesel or use a blend of vegetable oils and petroleum or kerosene as fuel. But many choose waste oils and even animal fats to use for bio-diesel production. This is a green and eco-friendly alternative fuel.

Biodiesel has attained global recognition in the last 4 years, its still hard to buy commercially and often times the same price as traditional diesel because of transportation cost and government taxation.

If you cannot find biofuel fuel in your community it may be your time to find out how simple it is to produce and start your own biodiesel production plant for your home or business vehicles. The cost benefits & fuel independence will make you feel like the oil shiek in your community.

The books like the “The Down and Dirty Guide to Biodiesel Recipes” help you get started. Biodiesel production is a risk-free process, but like most things you must be aware of the potential hazards and take safety precautions. The 3 principal ingredients are Lye, methanol and vegetable oil.

If you would like to start making biodiesel here are some tips:

- Buy a entry level biodiesel processor from a trustworthy company

- Make sure the processor you decide on has an explosion proof pump, basically this is a non-sparking pump

- Make sure you invest a processor that incorporates a dry wash system to clean your biodiesel not water. This will create a better quality fuel

- Start with fresh quality vegetable oil.

- Start by performing lots of tests with small test amounts of biodiesel and a portion of each ingredient

- Take your time and energy and put time in your training your biofuel will turn out better and you will save time and your money

- Once you understand it then begin processing used WVO which will give you further savings especially if you find it for free.

You can be energy self-sufficient by learning How To Make Biodiesel At Home easily and successfully in your own backyard.

Get Your “FREE” Biodiesel Downloadable biodiesel book. Or stop by 70CentsaGallon’s site to find out all about production of biodiesel and what biodiesel can do for you.. Unique version for reprint here: To Create Biodiesel Or To Procure Biodiesel This is The Only Question.


  1. Biodiesel is an alternative fuel similar to conventional or fossil diesel. It can be produced from straight vegetable oil, animal oil or fats and waste cooking oil. It has many environmentally beneficial properties. Experts encourage us to use it to help in conservation of energy.

  2. I've switched to bio-diesel for almost a year now. my car was running just fine up until my wife accidentally filled the tank with petrol instead. I've been taking the bus to work for almost two weeks now. I'm quite busy so the only way I can find someone for repairs is online. I found one but I'm not sure if they can do the job because they only specialize in diesel engines(I've been using biodiesel. Does that make a difference?). Here's the link( If you can check them out and tell me what you think, that would be great. Thanks in advance. Cheers!