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Monday, March 28, 2011

1999 Ford Tarus Cylinder #3 misfire detected

Customer Complaint:
Check engine light on and flashing. Dead miss when engine running.

Shop Diagnosis:
Computer diagnostics showed code p0303 cylinder #3 Misfire detected.

Tested for spark and fuel injection pulse and both were found.
Performed compression test and found it to be low at only 20psi.
Coolant levels were good and engine oil appeared to be ok.
No white smoke from tail pipe.

Still suspected a blown head gasket as these engine are not prone to cracked heads.

Further Engine Diagnostics:
After removing the head, found the #3 cylinder combustion chamber in the head to be wet looking. After further checking( turn upside down and fill chamber with water) found the exhaust valve not sealing.


Removed exhaust valve($15.00) and found it to be bent.
Replaced with new valve.
Reassembled and tested operation... No more misfire and customer is happy.

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