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Tuesday, April 05, 2011

1996 Nissan Quest minivan

I'm driving to work, on a road that has been under construction. Most of it is smooth and new, but there is a short section that is very rough and bumpy. So I hit a bump in the road and the car stalls. I roll to a stop and then put it in park and turn the key. Nothing!

All the idiot lights come on, including "check engine." I had to have it towed. A mechanical friend came and checked it out. He said it isn't getting a spark, but he doesn't know why.

We checked wires for a short and fuses for one that is blown but didn't find anything. So now my van is sitting in my driveway for a week.

Anyone have something like this happen? If so, what was the cause and the fix?

1) Check your battery cable ends for losening or corpses turminals. Another place to look is where the wires connect to the starter. It is possible that those wire may be lose as well.

2) Check the ignition coil. That happened to me once.

3) No fuel pressure??

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