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Saturday, April 02, 2011

94 jeep gc brakes

I have the vehicle listed above... I have completely replaced all parts in the braking system except the abs pump which still functions

Power booster
Master cylinder
Proportoning valve
Rubber hoses
Wheel cylinders
New rotors
Best non ceramic pads $ can buy on from and shoes on back

I can only get a semi hard brake pedal but I have pretty decent stopping(much better than before I changed the power booster)

Any thoughts on getting a more firm pedal??

On SOME Jeep Trucks on the rear axle where the brake lines connect is a "Limiter" that functions to allow more fluid to the rear brakes as more payload is gained. On others there is an electrical switch simular to a leveling device that controls the computer and ABS distribution. every wheel has a speed sensor that control each wheel by pressure and signal to the computer. If you have a Bendix System the Accumulator is part of the Pump Assy.

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