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Thursday, April 14, 2011

tapping noise from top of engine After timing belt was replaced

Hi- I need help! DESPERATELY! I own a 2001 Kia sportage- base model- 2.0L- 4 cyl- DOHC engine. about 98k miles on it and some what mechanically inclined.
Purchased it used- Changed the oil- replaced the thermostat. I was driving and the engine stopped- NO noise when it stopped and I figured it was the timing belt- had it towed to a local garage. There was about 4 -6 teeth missing. They replaced the belt and said it started right up- nice and quiet- ran for a little bit(no clue how long they ran it) BUT… I go to pick it up and starts up- but I notice alittle tapping noise- I go in- ask the shop- they said she was quiet- ok- maybe it was because it was cold. I drove to the bank(aprox 10 miles) the noise got LOUDER- you could hear the belt slipping or spinning… my poor little kia sounds like a “generator or sewing machine”. People look @ me like I have NO oil in it. The oil and temp is fine- I took it back to the shop and they said the timing is “FINE”- they took off the head- there is enough “clearance” and Nothing is touching- they are stumped(not great mechanics- but NOW I find out..ughh). What could cause the engine NOW after running quiet to sound like this? Is this an interference engine? did I do damage to it? OH- they did tell me- when they turn the crank shaft by hand- you can hear the noise!? HELP! I live in the country and a single mom with little $$$ and an active son in sports and scouts- I NEED MY CAR:( and really like the gas mileage… HELP- almost 2 wks with NO car!!!

Yes, this is an interference engine. The most common cause of this noise after a broken timing belt would be bent valves. A simple compression test on each cylinder should be able to determine which cylinder/s have the bent valve/s. Onec the located, simply replacing the valves should correct the issue and remove the noise.

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