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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

05 Chev Impala 3.4 water pump

I'm doing a water pump on this vehicle this afternoon. Any thing particular I should be aware of?

1) aluminum housing use pb! take time so dont snap bolts! other than that 3m spay to allign pump! but with patients u got this!
2) There was little plastic tits on all the bolts but one. They made it a real pain to put back together.
3) That's silicone... Shoulda peeled it off
4) NO its a very hard plastic, I believe it was some idiot engineers bright idea to hold the gasket in place. Never seen that before and I've probaly done a thousand water pumps.
5) Oh I did one on the same car and it appeared that way but was just silicone... That's why I said that... But none the less definately a stupid design by engineering

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