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Saturday, May 14, 2011

2005 Chevy Cobalt - Something weird going on in front end...

My daughter has a 2005 Chevy Cobalt LS. Just under 60,000 miles. My husband drove it today and suggest that she not drive it. When you are driving and stop at a stop sign and make a turn, the wheel does not turn its self back when you are turning and accelerating. You have to make the wheel turn back. Any ideas what this might be? Any input would be great.

It could be a bad Rack and Pinion. These units are warrentied for 100,000 miles by GM. If the Dealership says anything but No Charge simply write GM with the Dealerships name and location and GM will tell you where to go to have it checked out and repaired or replaced at NO charge. This is just 1 of many items that Dealerships try to SELL while under warrenty and IF you didn't know that it has an independant coverage you would be suckered into paying for the repair and that Dealership would also send in a warrenty claim to be reimbursed. Basically being paid twice for a single repair.

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