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Thursday, July 07, 2011

the motor is very hot, but isn't, chugging, no power. Hard to start

I would like to thank all that have responded in regards to the catalytic converter.

Last year, with the same symptoms, we punched holes in the converter. Alot of stuff blew out and was fine~after fixing the broken spark plug and cracked coil pack. The muffler shop plugged the holes when had the tailpipe fixed. We thought maybe it was just plugging up again, so we put the holes back in it. But alas, we still have the same problems.

I checked for broken plugs~none. I did find a bad vac line and taped it up for the time being. Now, I would like to see if the second coil is cracked, but cannot figure how to get it off. I took the one bolt out that I could see and it won't come off. I took the bolt out for the other pack, figuring it was holding second one on. Nothing. How to I get that thing off? We replaced the one marked 2 & 3. Now I would like to get 1 & 4 off to check it.

I incorrectly stated the year of my truck in my first message. It is a 1994, 4 cyl, automatic, S-10. My mechanic brother passed away, so I now have no one that can do the back yard stuff. Frustrating.

It acts like a vac line has come off, but they are all on now. Acts like the motor is very hot, but isn't, chugging, no power. Hard to start. We can be driving fine, then starts the no power and chugging. Last year, we would just pull over and shut it off for a few minutes and it would be fine to get home. I drove it two blocks this morning after fixing the one vac line. Was fine until I got half way around. I just came straight back home. It is fine at idle.

How do I get the coil pack off?

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