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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Audi to unveil production version of A8 hybrid

Audi will unveil a production version of the A8 hybrid sedan at the Frankfurt auto show.

Audi said the A8 hybrid uses a four-cylinder gasoline engine for the first time in the A8 range. The 245hp 2.0-liter unit is combined with a 54hp electric motor powered by a lithium ion battery pack weighing 37kg.

The car has a range of 3km while driven on battery power alone.

Audi says the A8 hybrid will reach 0-100kph (62 mph) in 7.7 seconds and it has a top speed of 235kph (146mph). It uses 6.4 liters of fuel per 100km (44 UK mpg; 36.5 U.S. mpg) and has CO2 emissions of below 148g/km.

The hybrid has an aluminum construction, which Audi says will make it one of the lightest sedans in its category, weighing 231kg, about 40 percent lighter than a comparable steel construction.

The car will go on sale in Europe in late 2012.


  1. Hi friend,

    Thanks for sharing this information which i was looking for since many days and finally got it from this site.
    Keep on sharing new information..more and more..

  2. I am waiting for Audi A8 hybrid. I am pleased with it's specifications. This is another classic car launched by Audi.

  3. Rumours are that they had to announce it because someone else was going to leak it.
    Mind you, it is pretty cool!