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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Noise from front suspension

Vehicle Involved: Saturn SKY 2007

Repair Procedure: Noise from the front suspension system occurs most likely while the vehicle is being driven over small bumps, or on rough road surfaces. The noise is more noticeable in cold weather, and is caused by faulty sway bar bushings rubbing against the bar or clamps.

Replace the sway bar bushings and install new design clamps, to correct the problem. Test drive the vehicle to verify the repair is complete.

TSB No. RCB 11-06


  1. Great information about remove noise from front suspension. For some other parts you can lubricate them like gear box, shockers etc. Greasing and oiling them so they work properly.

  2. saturn sky must make recall for this problems, because most of it product for sky 07 always had suspension noise..