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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Noise from left front wheel, and ABS light on

Subject: Noise from left front wheel, and ABS light on

Vehicles Involved: Ford Escape 2009, Mercury Mariner 2009

Condition: A clicking or rubbing noise from the left front wheel, and the ABS light may be on.

Repair: The ABS wheel speed sensor may be making contact with the reluctor wheel. This is caused by a defective knuckle, which miss-aligns the sensor and reluctor.

Remove the wheel and measure the air gap between the sensor and reluctor. If the air gap is less than .020 in. or inspection indicates the sensor has been making contact with the reluctor, the steering knuckle must be replaced. The installation of a new design knuckle from Ford should correct this problem.

TSB No. BPI 11-07

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  1. It seems like the more high-tech cars become the more work they require. With all of the sensors and technological devices mechanics could also be called electricians. But we do so appreciate what they do!