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Saturday, October 29, 2011

98 Chevy Tahoe U-joint Problem

I have a 98 tahoe 5.7 4x4
front shaft rear joint is bad
can't get time off work
how can you drive it without the shaft? when driveshaft is out it will not start. is there anyway around this to keep going? i know i have to have it melted out but not off when they are open. afraid of losing shaft going down road.

If the stop and cable adjustment is out of whack, the engine will rev higher than 500 to 700 rpm, depending on the year, make and model vehicle, while in "Park" and at idle. The throttle position sensor sends voltage to the computer to tell it where the driver's foot is on the throttle, but does not cause high idling when it malfunctions --- this is most likely a cable or stop adjustment problem. If you encounter this issue, it is not related to the throttle position sensor.

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