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Friday, October 21, 2011

98 Grand Am~Heater Blower Motor

How do I get to the motor without ripping apart my dash (it is behind the glove compartment)? The motor won't blow (fuses are fine) and it is starting to get cold out. Would like to see if any power is getting to the motor.

1) Try unplugging the motor and run some jumper wires from the battery to the motor. I had a Caravan and thought the motor was bad but it turned out to be the rectifier on the firewall under the hood that was the problem. If the motor is bad you will have to disassemble the glove box so you can get to the motor mounting screws. Check with the library to see if they have a manual that covers your car you can look at. I don't think they will loan them out.

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  1. Good answer to that question. i totally agree to that!