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Sunday, October 02, 2011

Tips to Changing Your Vehicle Battery

The lifespan of a car battery is short; hence, it could easily leave you while it's raining or in an uninhabited place. If you are in a place where you could switch your power supply, check out these useful simple steps.

To begin with, you have to be sure if the issue comes from the power supply or from some other part of the automobile. Once you've assured that none of the alternative components are malfunctioning, you can start the "resurrection" of your battery. In some cases it is not mandatory to swap it; you just are required to thoroughly clean it. Inspect it and seek out traces of cakey white substance which doesn't allow the power supply to recharge correctly while being used. This is known as sulfate and generally forms when lead and acid interfere with each other. To be able to clean it you must create a solution of baking soda and water, and pour it on the altered parts. As soon as the sulfate has blended, clean it with an a piece of cloth.

If the procedure doesn't provide good results, it signifies you should say farewell to your former car power supply and buy a new one. You have to be physically prepared for heavy-lifting, as it weighs nearly 24 pounds. Nowadays, many auto parts stores provide a no cost battery installation, however, if you want to be a man and do it all by yourself, you have to stick to a several steps. Right after you have decided that your old electric battery is useless, the whole process of swapping it starts. Just in case you haven't clean it before with a solution made out of baking soda as well as water, you can do it now. Once you make certain that things are clean, search for cracks and acid leakage. Do not put your bare hand on it, mainly because you'll suffer painful burns.

Open up your tool kit and select required tools, for instance vise pliers, crescent wrench, socket wrench and adjustable wrench. The power supply terminal cables are attached to the battery terminals by bolts and nuts, so you will have to have most of those objects. It may seem weird, but you must also have a hammer with you, to give a tap or two in case the terminal cable will not wish to loosen from the terminal post. It's also good to purchase a battery terminal cleaner. It has a low price and can actually prove useful when brushing away corrosion. You may also want to buy a can of corrosion protection, so you will not have to replicate the process too quickly.

Don't forget that safety is first, so wear sturdy gloves and security goggles. Furthermore, the top of a Styrofoam cooler can be used to safely put the instruments that you are working with. Once you decide that it is time for you to switch the old battery, do not forget to take out the keys from the ignition. The car will remain powered on and may generate sparks as well as an explosion in the event you don't take out the keys. In case you have already cleansed the power supply with the baking soda solution, it will be quite easy to unscrew the nuts from the bolts. You can use the hammer to gently knock the posts and also cables and separate the sulfate deposit.

Begin with the detrimental post on the battery, holding the pliers and the wrench so you can change the nut in a counterclockwise direction. Do the same for the positive post. Remember that your equipment can produce a sparkle and may trigger and explosion, therefore put them on the Styrofoam top or at a certain distance car. After you remove the terminal cords, examine the battery for leakages and cracks, and try not to place your hands next to them. Unfasten the plate that helps keeping it in position and be ready to pick up a heavy load.

After you have taken out the old power supply, grab the new power supply, which can be even heavier and place it in the right spot. Fasten it with the secure plate, set back the terminal cables in their negative and positive posts, and you are ready to go. Don't overlook to take your outdated power supply to a recycling facility, since it is regarded as toxic waste materials.

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  1. Huge thank you for this. This has been a great help as I've never changed a battery before.